Our sales offer includes:

 our own hand-made-from-scratch instruments,

 old tuned or restored instruments

new custom-made-to-order instruments.


Before you buy one of our instruments, you can

borrow it

for testing and consultation.

You can

exchange the instruments

you bought from us for some other any time you want.

This way, you can start from a cheaper instrument to later gradually progress to higher-class instruments.


We deal with:

Repair, tuning, restoration, reconstruction, rebuilding of stringed instruments and bows. In order to render as perfectly as possible the original looks of an instrument, we use high-quality materials, i.a. old (100 and 200 years old) wood for sound bodies and bass bars.


We make high-class instruments and bows while using carefully selected materials. Our main focus is on the best quality of our products and unique attention to detail.

 We make use of the secret knowledge of the Italian masters. Our bows are set in hand-made frogs, fitted in silver or gold.

We specialise in the tuning of instruments. We have a lot of experience in this respect gained over the years and actually,

quite a lot of success in this matter.

Examples of violins and prices

Violin 1

3 500 pln

Violin 2

3 000 pln

Violin 3

3 000 pln

Violin 4

10 000 pln

Violin 7

10 000 pln

Violin 8

5 000 pln

Violin 9

4 000 pln

Violin 10

12 000 pln

Violin 11

13 000 pln

Violin 12

8 000 pln