We have multi-generational musical traditions.


Marek Wozniak

I come from a family with multigenerational musical traditions, and I have always felt a connection to music. However, wen I was young, I actually had interests of more technical nature and saw my future in that. I even graduated from the Department of Mechanics at the Warsaw University of Technology.

My adventure with violin-making started when I built my first guitar. My father had it assessed by a violin maker. It turned out that the violin maker in question, Antoni Karolkowski, was delighted with its quality, and he took me under his wings and taught me the craft of violin-making from the basics.

I also served an apprenticeship at Franciszek Marduła’s workshop in Zakopane.

Since 1978, I have been a member of the Association of Polish Violin Makers (ZPAL), and I have been running my own violin-making business. In 1979, I took part in the first Z. Szulc National Violin-Making Competition in Poznan.

I mainly specialise in violin and violin bow conservation, but I have also made a few dozen instruments, violins and violas, and over 100 violin bows. For almost 20 years, I have been working with my son, Bartosz.

Despite the fact that I deal with stringed instruments at work, I play the guitar.

Zenon Wozniak

(Marek’s father)

He used to be a double bass player for the Polish Radio Orchestra.

Jerzy Wozniak

(Zenon Wozniak’s brother, Marek Wozniak’s uncle)

He used to be a percussionist for the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dorota Wozniak-Mocarska

(Marek Wozniak’s cousin)

Dorota is a cellist for the Sinfonia Viva Orchestra.


Bartosz Wozniak

When I was 14, I started to learn violin-making from my father. I developed a liking for it from day one. I initially gathered my experience and developed my skills making violin chinrests.

It fast turned out that I displayed talents that come in really handy in the field of violin-making. Since that moment, my father entrusted me with more and more demanding tasks of the repair of complete instruments.

We have been working together since 1997, and now, I know that I’m in the right place and at the right time. I long dealt with the repair and tuning of instruments. However, I finally started building my own instruments from scratch, the instruments that enjoy unceasing appreciation and success
among our clients.

I find fulfilment in my work, and the satisfaction of our clients proves and guarantees that we can achieve what we want while sharing our happiness and passion with others.

Meanwhile, I hope that my son will also become a violin maker. When the time comes and if he shows interest in violin-making, I will gladly take him on as my apprentice.